Landau Equation and Multiple Hopf-Bifurcation

  • Tapan K. Sengupta
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The linear theory of stability of a steady basic flow generally gives a spectrum of independent modes with velocity perturbation of the form,
$$ u'(\overrightarrow X ,t) = \sum\limits_{j = 1}^\infty {Aj(t)fj} (\overrightarrow X ) + A_j^* (t)f_j^* (\overrightarrow X ) $$
where the quantities with asterisks denote complex conjugate. In the linear stability theory we generally focus upon one mode at a time- the so-called normal mode analysis. If the complex amplitude of any one of the mode that grows with time is given by
$$ Aj(t) = Const.e^{s_j t} $$
then it is easy to see that the evolution equation for the amplitude of this mode is given by,
$$ \frac{{dAj}} {{dt}} = sjAj $$


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