Draft of a Petition, Perhaps to the Prefect

  • William H. Willis
  • Klaus Maresch
Part of the Abhandlungen der Nordrhein-Westfälischen Akademie der Wissenschaften book series (AWAW)


There are four disconnected fragments of the draft of a different petition concerned with this case written by Ammon not to Sisinnius, since he is mentioned in lines a.4 and a.7, but possibly to the prefect himself, Flavius Nestorius, although no trace of the addressee survives. In fr. a Ammon speaks of himself in first-person (a.10) and and of Eugeneios in third-person (a.12). It cannot therefore be part of a subjectively or objectively styled agreement between these two parties. The prefect may be conjectured as the addressee, for Ammon had already thought of approaching him as revealed at 5.13ff.


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