Order Araneae

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Part of the Süßwasserfauna von Mitteleuropa book series (424)


Small to large in size (body length 0.4–100 mm); body divided into two parts, these called prosoma and opisthosoma, these connected by a thin petiolus prosoma including segments I–VI with chelicerae, palps, and four pairs of walking legs, with dorsal shield and ventral sternum; chelicerae two-segmented with basal limb large, with hairs and usually teeth, the secondary limb as heavily sclerotised fang with opening of a poison gland on its tip; palps with six, legs with seven segments (additional metatarsus between tarsus and tibia); palpal coxae used as mouthparts together with the unpaired labium; opisthosoma consisting of the fused body segments VII–XVII, only in Mesothelae slightly segmented; ventral opisthosoma with 2–4 openings for book-lungs, a genital opening and a tracheal spiracle; plesiotypically two pair of spinnerets on each of the segments X and XI, these shifted in all groups but Mesothelae to the end of the opisthosoma; number of spinnerets reduced usually to six, in some taxa to four or two.


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