Campaign Management

  • V. Kumar
  • Werner Reinartz
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This chapter defines campaign management as a series of interconnected promotional efforts, usually undertaken within a defined timeframe, designed to capture customer’s interest, and thereby achieve precise marketing goals. Marketing campaigns can be used by firms to identify prospective customers, acquire customers, and retain and reward existing customers. The four phases that are required for a successful campaign management process are: (1) campaign planning and development, (2) campaign execution, (3) analysis and control, and (4) campaign feedback. The chapter describes the various objectives that should be set forth within each phase and the methods by which a firm should strive to accomplish these goals. Further, the chapter provides the various channels through which firms can maximize customer interaction, including phone, direct mail, the Web, wireless devices, email, direct sales, and partner network. Through various examples and case studies, the chapter also highlights how creating successful relationships with customers is contingent upon the firm’s ability to use the right method of contact with the right customer at the right time.


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