Lightning Overvoltage of UHVDC Transmission System

  • Pan DaiEmail author
  • Hao Zhou
  • Bincai Zhao
Part of the Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China book series (ATSTC)


The UHVDC transmission line has characteristics of long line, high tower, and high operating voltage of the conductors, being not beneficial to the lightning protection. This chapter discusses the main differences in lightning protection of AC and DC lines and characteristics of lightning withstand performance for UHVDC lines. And then, the protection characteristics and calculation method for lightning intruding overvoltage for DC converter station are introduced. Finally, the analysis for overvoltage protection of lightning invasion wave in ±800 kV DC converter station, and the analysis for lightning protection of ±800 kV UHVDC transmission line are made.

UHVDC Lightning protection Lightning withstand performance Overvoltage protection Converter station Transmission line 


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  3. 3.State Grid Weifang Power Supply CompanyWeifangPeople’s Republic of China

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