Novel Phosphors for UVLEDs



Phosphor is a key component in the recent advances in light-emitting diodes. It converts the light emitted by ultraviolet or blue LEDs into visible light. In the past decade, scientists and researchers have developed various phosphors for general illumination and optical displays, and they continue to develop new phosphors for w-LEDs in order to overcome conventional lighting systems. The phosphors should have strong absorption of the light emitted by the UVLEDs and be able to efficiently downconvert it into longer wavelengths (i.e., visible light). Among the number of developed phosphors, silicate-, borate-, phosphate-, and nitride-based phosphors for have been studied for UVLED applications. This chapter will discuss novel phosphors for UVLEDs according to their chemical compositions and their pertinent applications in white light‒emitting diodes.


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