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Timeline of Our Universe

  • Benjamin Bahr
  • Boris LemmerEmail author
  • Rina Piccolo


Because the universe is expanding rapidly, we can be pretty certain that at some point the universe was very small, or rather, that everything was very close to everything else. But in fact, there is more. We have a pretty good understanding how particle creation works, and Einstein’s equations of General relativity describe in detail, how various forms of matter interact with curved space-time. Comparing this with the observation from astrophysics in an age of better and more precise telescopes, we can actually get a quite precise idea what happened in the universe, even fractions of seconds after the Big Bang – what happened precisely at the Big Bang still remains a mystery, so far. Let’s go back to right after the universe was created, and have a look at what was going on – to the best of our knowledge today.


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