Non-Newtonian Fluid

  • Benjamin Bahr
  • Boris LemmerEmail author
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How could you characterize a liquid? You could start with its color, maybe talk about its smell or taste (watch out!) and consider its acidity (lime juice or soap). But sooner or later you will think about the liquid’s viscosity. The viscosity quantifies what we use to call a “thick” or “thin” liquid. High viscosities lead to thick liquids (such as honey), low ones to something like water. You can read more about viscosity in the chapter about superconductivity, where we introduce a liquid that has no viscosity at all. It is more liquid than water and will not even stay in a cup into which you put it in. Instead, it will crawl out.


Shear Thickening Fluid Shear Thin Fluid Lime Juice Thick Liquid Shear Thickening 
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