Groundwater Pollution and Its Risk in Solid Waste Disposal Site

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Landfill, the eventual way of disposing solid wastes, inevitably comes with a certain degree of pollution to surrounding groundwater due to construction, broken impervious layer, and uneven geological subsidence. The survey and risk assessment of groundwater pollutions are the important technical means for knowing the current status of landfill site pollution, forecasting the pollution trend, and assessing its risk. This chapter elaborates the general procedures for survey of groundwater pollution on various landfill sites, including the collection of basic data, setting out of monitoring points, selection of monitoring items, and data organization method, according to China’s current mode of construction and operation of landfill sites, in combination with the research progress in groundwater survey both domestic and foreign. On this basis, the typical model—3 MRA risk assessment model—is optimized.


Household waste landfill site Hazardous waste landfill site Groundwater Pollution survey Risk assessment 


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