Welcome to the Age of Spontaneous Business Models: Start Shaping or Be Shaped

  • Claudia Linnhoff-PopienEmail author
  • Ralf Schneider
  • Michael Zaddach


Digitization makes our lives faster and faster. Communication happens in real‐time, products are being developed on demand. I do not occasionally visit a market place any longer, I am always right there – as a particle of an amorphous group that continuously adapts its structure. We present you some thoughts about the proliferation of markets and the emergence of spontaneous business models, on how to cope with the fear of failure, how important and how demanding it is to arouse your clients’ curiosity, and about opportunities for exponential growth based on the real‐time ability to decide whether an innovation will be successful or not.

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  • Claudia Linnhoff-Popien
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  • Ralf Schneider
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  • Michael Zaddach
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