On the Quest to the Ultimate Digital Money

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Digital money in contrast to payment schemes has not received much attention through the last years. Although BitCoin (a digital currency) is unacceptable as digital money, its appearance pointed out the versatility of the digital money idea. The business models for digital money are not as apparent as compared to payment schemes. However, the most critical path for digital money is the technical implementation that has long‐term security, e. g. the value of digital money shall not be breakable even after 40 years of evolutionary security analysis.

In our research, we wanted to know, which features a user would expect from an ‘ultimate digital money’ solution. We created a set of ‘ultimate claims’ of which we were prepared to be so hard, that no existing system would pass the entire set. As an example … one claim demands that the ultimate digital money should allow the owner to create as many copies/backups as s(he) desires. Our plan was that by reducing our ultimate filter by some selected claims, we could expect to find the next best candidates to be as close to ‘ultimate’ as possible. After we created the ‘impossible to pass’ set of ultimate claims, to our surprise we found one system, that did pass all our claims without having to downsize our filter. The present article describes our ‘ultimate filter’ and presents the digital money system which we found to satisfy all our conditions.


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