Preface: New Computing in Digital Marketplaces Unleashed

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We are at an inflection point where consumer technologies and innovation have forced their way into Global 2000 enterprises. People are asking themselves why enterprise software should be so much worse than someone’s experience on an ecommerce travel site or searching for something on Google. And disruptive technologies such as new digital consumer devices and services have disrupted the datacenters at the heart of every large company in the world.

These advances in enterprise IT require new methods of computing, and a new breed of entrepreneur able to capitalize them. The unleashed digital market places are an exciting time that arguably began with the rise of the Worldwide Web just more than a decade ago, but really accelerated with the rise of social networks and mobile devices in the more‐recent past.

Think about the shifts that have occurred since the 1990s, and have really picked up their pace in the past decade. One of the biggest is the proliferation of computing and the ability (or requirement) to reach consumers where they spend so much of their time—on their smartphones, tablets and laptops, or via connected devices that interface with those computers. A large enterprise application in 1995 might have involved thousands of client desktops connected to a single big‐iron application server or database server. Now tens of thousands to millions of laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices have to access a single application at any given time.

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