Elbow Arthroscopy: From Basic to Advance (ICL 20)

  • A. Van Tongel
  • Paolo Arrigoni
  • Marc R. Safran
  • Denise Eygendaal
  • L. A. PederziniEmail author
  • E. Tripoli
  • A. Cheli
  • A. Mehmet Demirtaş
  • M. Derviş Güner
  • Roger P. van Riet


Elbow arthroscopy is becoming more and more popular. Compared to open elbow procedure, this surgical technique has several advantages: able to see better, improved access, magnification (a microscope of the elbow), minimal “collateral damage,” less scarring, decreased risk of infection, and less postoperative pain. But it also includes some risks that are more common compared to an open procedure like compartment syndrome and transient or permanent nerve injuries.


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