Posterior Compartment of the Ankle Joint: A Focus on Arthroscopic Treatment (ICL 17)

  • Daniel HaverkampEmail author
  • Niels Bech
  • Peter de Leeuw
  • Pieter d’Hooghe
  • Akos Kynsburg
  • James Calder
  • Tahir Ogut
  • Jorge Batista
  • Hélder Pereira


Arthroscopic approach of the posterior ankle compartment has experienced great development since the beginning of the twenty-first century. The anatomical research of Pau Golano has been of paramount importance for the development of a “safe”, reliable and reproducible approach (particularly the two portals technique with the patient in prone position).

The herein presented text pays a tribute to the brilliant anatomical research performed by Pau Golano.

Moreover, since the description of the two-portal technique by Niek van Dijk in the year 2000, there has been growing experience in dealing with the arthroscopic anatomy of this zone which enabled subsequent expansion of indications.

Besides the “classical” indications (e.g. posterior impingement), there is recent growing experience in treating tendinopathies (e.g. Achilles insertional tendinopathies, FHL pathology or FHL transfer), arthroscopic-assisted fracture repair, Cedell fracture approach, subtalar and ankle posterior fusion or even tarsal tunnel syndrome treatment.

This work provides a comprehensive description of “key to success” tips and pearls for classical as well as innovative techniques around arthroscopic posterior approach of the ankle.


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