Geochemical Modelling of Igneous Processes – Principles And Recipes in R Language

Part of the series Springer Geochemistry pp 169-174


Forward Modelling in R

  • Vojtěch JanoušekAffiliated withCzech Geological Survey Email author 
  • , Jean-François MoyenAffiliated withUniversité Jean-Monnet
  • , Hervé MartinAffiliated withUniversité Blaise-Pascal
  • , Vojtěch ErbanAffiliated withCzech Geological Survey
  • , Colin FarrowAffiliated with

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This chapter contains three solved problems on forward modelling of the behaviour of isotopes using R (see Chap. 16 for principles). The exercises deal with plotting mixing hyperbolae for a single isotope system (in the Sr vs. 87Sr/86Sr and 1/Sr vs. 87Sr/86Sr coordinates) and an Sr–Nd isotope pair (in the 87Sr/86Sr vs. 143Nd/144Nd plot). The last exercise simulates the effects of AFC processes in the 1/Sr vs. 87Sr/86Sr space.