Management of Deep Vein Aplasia, Hypoplasia, and Lateral Marginal Vein



Aplasia and hypoplasia of deep veins as well as persistence of lateral marginal vein are truncular anomalies of development of the main venous system. Aplasia and hypoplasia may happen in superficial femoral, in popliteal, and in common femoral vein: inferior cava and also iliac veins may be involved. Those defects are mainly well tolerated. Surgical treatment is not possible. Hypoplasia is coupled with dilated superficial dysplastic veins which can be removed surgically forcing blood flow through the deep system which can dilate to almost normal size. Lateral marginal vein is a valveless abnormal vessel which may create venous stasis and also pulmonary embolism. It may exist as a collateral vessel in deep vein aplasia or hypoplasia but also with normal main venous system. Surgical removal is indicated except in case of deep vein aplasia.


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