Injuries of Wrist, Hand and Fingers

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  • Rienk Dekker


Sports injuries of the hand and wrist are common. Wrist injuries occur mostly due to a fall on the outstretched hand. Distal radius fractures and scaphoid fractures are the most frequently seen fractures of the wrist. Ligament injuries of the wrist may not always be that obvious at first sight, but may lead to serious secondary consequences, such as carpal collapse and osteoarthritis. Next to acute injuries, overuse injuries are also frequently encountered. Overuse injuries mainly affect tendons and nerves, such as in M. de Quervain, the intersection syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome or the cyclist’s wrist.

Injuries to the hand comprise fractures, dislocations, contusions, sprains and overuse injuries. In this chapter, fractures such as the boxer’s fracture, PIP joint injuries, injuries to the thumb such as the skier’s thumb and pulley injuries are described. A thorough evaluation of the injury mechanism and a systematic clinical examination are the keys to successful treatment and return to sporting activities.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Distal Radius Fracture Sport Injury Scaphoid Fracture Ulnar Collateral Ligament 
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Abductor pollicis longus


Carpometacarpal joint


Distal interphalangeal joint


Distal intercalated segment instability


Distal radioulnar joint


Extensor carpi radialis brevis


Extensor carpi radialis longus


Extensor carpi ulnaris


Extensor pollicis brevis


Extensor pollicis longus


Flexor carpi radialis


Flexor carpi ulnaris


Flexor digitorum profundus


Flexor digitorum superficialis


Flexor pollicis longus


Interphalangeal joint


Metacarpophalangeal joint


Proximal interphalangeal joint


Palmaris longus


Pronator quadratus


Pronator teres


Triangular fibrocartilaginous complex


Ulnar collateral ligament


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