Spine Injuries

  • J. W. M. Van GoethemEmail author
  • M. Faure
  • C. Venstermans
  • L. van den Hauwe
  • F. De Belder
  • P. M. Parizel
  • Johannes (Hans) Zwerver


When participating in sport and exercise activities, various – often age-dependent – injuries to any part of the spine are possible. The neck is most commonly injured in sports that involve contact, which place the cervical spine at risk of injury, in some cases with catastrophic consequences. The thoracic spine is less likely to be injured because it is relatively immobile and has extra support, but M. Scheuermann can lead to symptoms. The lower back is subject to a great deal of repetitive strain in many sports, which can result in nonspecific lumbago or more specific lumbar spine conditions, like spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis, disk disease, and lumbar stenosis which need further clinical and radiological investigation. This chapter describes the most common acute and chronic sports-related injuries of the spine.


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