Geometric Shapes of Nuclei

  • Bogdan Povh
  • Klaus Rith
  • Christoph Scholz
  • Frank Zetsche
  • Werner Rodejohann
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In this chapter we shall study nuclear sizes and shapes by means of elastic electron-nucleus scattering. Electron scattering is particularly valuable for investigating small objects. The electromagnetic interaction between an electron and a nucleus may be very accurately calculated. As far as we know electrons are point-like objects without any internal structure and, therefore, the cross-section reflects only the structure of the target. It contains the square of the nuclear form factor that can be interpreted as the Fourier transform of the nucleus’ spatial charge distribution. The connection between various charge distributions and form factors is discussed. Examples of such measurements are presented.


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  • Klaus Rith
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  • Christoph Scholz
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  • Frank Zetsche
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  • Werner Rodejohann
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