The Structure of Nuclei

  • Bogdan Povh
  • Klaus Rith
  • Christoph Scholz
  • Frank Zetsche
  • Werner Rodejohann
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In this chapter various aspects of nuclear structure are discussed, starting with the Fermi gas model, in which the nucleons are moving freely inside the nucleus. This aspect will be demonstrated by considering hypernuclei, i.e., those nuclei containing a hyperon as well as the usual nucleons. The shell model is an improvement upon the Fermi gas model. It has a more realistic potential and the spin-orbit interaction is taken into consideration. A nucleus in equilibrium is not always a sphere; it may be ellipsoidal or even more deformed. This leads to a modification of one-particle states. Nuclear reactions and nuclear β-decay are discussed as methods to study nuclear structure and the latter also for the determination of the neutrino mass. Double β-decay is discussed in some detail with special emphasis on the possible neutrinoless double β-decay. Its existence or nonexistence may give us the answer, whether the neutrino is a Dirac or a Majorana particle.


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  • Klaus Rith
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  • Christoph Scholz
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  • Frank Zetsche
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  • Werner Rodejohann
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