Factory Sensors and RFID Networks

  • Shimon Y. NofEmail author
  • Jose Ceroni
  • Wootae Jeong
  • Mohsen Moghaddam
Part of the Automation, Collaboration, & E-Services book series (ACES, volume 2)


In line with the emergence of decentralized e-Systems and the ever increasing needs for effective interaction and collaboration, a rising challenge is how to enable communication and gather information on the real-time state of distributed agents in an e-Work network. That is, each agent (e.g., machine agent; resource agent; product agent), as an autonomous and intelligent element of a collaborative e-System, must be able to detect and process useful information from its environment and share it with other peers. The supporting technologies for this critical need are sensor and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) networks. In this chapter, fundamentals of each technology are discussed and some real-life applications are reviewed.


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