A Comparative Study on the Use of Classification Algorithms in Financial Forecasting

  • Fernando E. B. OteroEmail author
  • Michael Kampouridis
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8602)


Financial forecasting is a vital area in computational finance, where several studies have taken place over the years. One way of viewing financial forecasting is as a classification problem, where the goal is to find a model that represents the predictive relationships between predictor attribute values and class attribute values. In this paper we present a comparative study between two bio-inspired classification algorithms, a genetic programming algorithm especially designed for financial forecasting, and an ant colony optimization one, which is designed for classification problems. In addition, we compare the above algorithms with two other state-of-the-art classification algorithms, namely C4.5 and RIPPER. Results show that the ant colony optimization classification algorithm is very successful, significantly outperforming all other algorithms in the given classification problems, which provides insights for improving the design of specific financial forecasting algorithms.


Financial forecasting Classification Genetic programming Ant Colony optimization 


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