Cheilitis and Oral Disease

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Cheilitis is a generic term that denotes inflammation of the lips. However, specific types of cheilitis have been described that may represent a variety of systemic and local disorders. Accurate diagnosis is key in identifying the pathology and administering of the proper treatment. Types of cheilitis described include angular cheilitis, exfoliative cheilitis, allergic contact cheilitis, actinic cheilitis, cheilitis glandularis, and cheilitis granulomatosa. Diagnosis is most often clinical, with biopsy needed in actinic cheilitis, cheilitis, glandularis, and cheilitis granulomatosa. Topical or systemic treatment may be indicated according to diagnosis. Moisturizing agents are frequently needed to enable better treatment.


Cheilitis Angular cheilitis Exfoliative cheilitis Allergic contact cheilitis Actinic cheilitis Cheilitis glandularis Cheilitis granulomatosa 

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