Cybersecurity for an Open, Safe and Secure Cyberspace in Europe



Information and communication technologies (ICT) are the backbone of every modern society. An open, safe and secure cyberspace is essential to achieving the objectives of the EU, its core values set down in the EU Charter of fundamental rights, and for the growth of our economies both within the European single market and globally.

Today the security of network and information systems is essential to the security of all the critical sectors in society. Electronic communications, finance, energy, health care, emergency services, industry, and so on, are all dependent on the security and resilience of communications networks. This includes the internet and connected computers. This dependency will only increase, as in the near future we will witness the so‐called internet of things, in which all sorts of everyday objects (things) will be connected and accessible via the internet giving rise to the smart home and the smart cities of the future.

The EU wants to be a front runner and become a more sustainable economy and society. In this direction, the European Commission and Member States have to make sure there is a resilient and secure digital infrastructure. Within this context, EU’s vision for a digital single market is a top priority. The EU Cloud Strategy and other policy initiatives such as the EU Cyber Security Strategy, aim to make Europe an open, safe and secure cyber space for the economic growth and wealth of the European citizens.


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