Combining Micromanipulation, Kerr Magnetometry and Magnetic Force Microscopy for Characterization of Three-Dimensional Magnetic Nanostructures



In order to characterize the magnetic properties of magnetic suspended nanostructures, we show here a methodology which combines micromanipulation, Kerr magnetometry, and magnetic force microscopy. By following this procedure, we directly measure the magnetization switching of suspended nanowires, we determine the mechanism for magnetization reversal of the wires, and we image their magnetic domain structure.


Magneto-optical Kerr effect Magnetic Force Microscopy Nanowires Spintronics Domain walls Nanoelectronics Three-dimensional devices 



This research was supported by an Intra-European Marie Curie Fellowship project No. 251698: 3DMAGNANOW and an ERC Advanced Grant project No. 247368: 3SPIN, both funded by the 7th European Community Framework Programme, by the MAT2011-27553-C02 project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy (including FEDER funding), and by the I-LINK0026 project funded by the Spanish CSIC. We would like to thank our collaborators L. O’Brien, D. Petit, J. Lee, R. Mansell, J. M. Michalik, R. Cordoba, and L. Casado.


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  2. 2.Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón (ICMA), Departamento de Física de la Materia CondensadaUniversidad de Zaragoza–CSICZaragozaSpain
  3. 3.Laboratorio de Microscopias Avanzadas (LMA), Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón (INA)Universidad de ZaragozaZaragozaSpain
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