The Analysis and Research on the Design Concept of the Agile Pilot Clothing System

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The Agile pilot flight equipment (PFE) garment which is developed by the RFD Beaufort is the most advanced personal protective equipment for the pilot. It can be used in complement with the advanced aircraft such as Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), F-16, or F-18. Each function item of traditional PFE garment has been modularized and integrated in accordance with the mission profiles of the pilot to meet the requirements of the combat mission. This paper details the Agile PFE garment and takes example for interfacing with the JSF (hereinafter referred to JFS). The configuration characteristics, operational performance, and design concept of each module and their complement have been analyzed systemically, which shows the applied design concepts about the Occident PFE and provides references for our country on the technical integration and product development of various JFS PFE in future.


Agile Clothing system Design concept 


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