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Albomycin is a cyclic iron-containing peptide produced by Actinomyces subtropicus (Gause and Brazhnikova, 1951). Most of the chemical and biological properties of albomycin have been reviewed by Gause (1955). Some of the properties of the antibiotic are listed in Table 1. Albomycin inhibits the growth of gram-positive cocci, chiefly pneumococcus and staphylococcus, and is also effective against several gram-negative bacteria, e.g., the coli-dysentery group. In view of its marked activity, particularly against penicillin resistant staphylococcus, and lack of toxicity, albomycin has undergone clinical trial in the U.S.S.R. (Gause, 1955). In clinical practice albomycin is used mainly in the treatment of infections caused by pathogenic cocci and in various septic conditions caused by penicillin resistant cocci. Albomycin binds partially and reversibly to serum. However, the albomycin-serum complex possesses chemotherapeutic activity, indicating dissociation of the complex in vivo (Gause, 1955).


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