Development of Hardware and Software for Machine Control Applications

  • G. D. Alford
Conference paper


The author has produced a number of programs for controlling a variety of machines, including machine-tools and industrial robots. Several different microcomputers have been employed in writing this software, usually in machine code in order to:-
  • make the program transportable

  • allow faster speed of operation

  • and reduce the cost of the final system.

However in using machine code, particularly in the teaching situation, systems have to be developed to:-
  • make the process more user-friendly

  • give good testing and editing facilities

  • reduce the development time

  • and prepare appropriate firmware.

This paper describes the methods employed in developing such systems and summarizes:-
  • actual machine control applications

  • software aids employed

  • ancillary hardware produced

  • and necessary interfaces involved.


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  • G. D. Alford
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  1. 1.Teesside PolytechnicClevelandUK

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