Cortico-Hippocampal Interaction: Theory, Implications and Predictions

  • Robert Miller
Part of the Studies of Brain Function book series (BRAIN FUNCTION, volume 17)


The basic idea of relations between hippocampus and isocortex depends on the concept of resonance at the theta frequency. It is envisaged that Hebbian processes of synaptic strengthening select patterns of loops passing from hipocampus to cortex and back again to the hippocampus. The total conduction delay time round each one of these patterns of loops is envisaged to correspond to the theta period. Such resonance between hippocampus and cortex is envisaged to have an important functional role in registration and retrieval of information in the cortex. Each pattern of resonant loops will raise the activation of specific collections of cells which are widely dispersed across the cortical mantle. Such collections of cells have insufficient mutual interconnections within the cortex to form a cell assembly by the usual Hebbian mechanism described in Chapter 2. Nevertheless, they do represent definite information groupings. In fact, it is envisaged that they represent large-scale aspects of the environment as a whole, those we designate as contexts.


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