The KAREL language for programmable Automation

  • L. Rossol
Conference paper
Part of the IPA-IAO Forschung und Praxis book series (925, volume 5)


The Karel language was developed by GMF to program robots and was subsequently extended to program vision systems. All GMF products, including robots, vision systems, and off-line robot programming systems are now programmable in Karel.

Karel will also be used by Allen-Bradley to program its motion control products and it is being seriously considered by other companies as the standard programming language for the factory floor.

With the Karel language, the user can easily develop special functions or complete applications software packages. Karel includes features of conventional programming languages plus extensions to support robot programming, vision programming, cell control, and off-line programming.

Although GMF intends Karel to be extensible to eventually program all plant floor devices, this paper concentrates on Karel for robot programming.


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