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Ion Channels in Wheat Protoplasts: Patch-Clamp Application to the Study of Transport

  • N. Moran
  • Ch. Mischke
Part of the Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry book series (AGRICULTURE, volume 13)


Total wheat production in the developing countries more than doubled in the 20 years between 1961 and 1981, due largely to rapid expansion of the area devoted to wheat farming. This expansion means encountering a wide variety of conditions: soil types, temperature ranges, illumination regimes, availability of water, extent of humidity, and various pests and diseases. The growing spread of wheat into different climate zones creates a growing need for adapting this crop to its new environments (reviewed by Ruder 1985). Understandingly, intensive basic research of the physiology of the plant is required.


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  • N. Moran
    • 1
  • Ch. Mischke
    • 2
  1. 1.Dept. NeurobiologyWeizmann Institute of ScienceRehovotIsrael
  2. 2.Weed Science LabAgricultural Research Service, Agricultural Environmental Quality InstituteBeltsvilleUSA

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