Volume 13 of the series Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry pp 250-261

Embryo Culture of Wheat — Regenerative Tissue Culture System

  • T. ShimadaAffiliated withResearch Institute of Agricultural Resources, Ishikawa Agricultural College

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Embryo culture has often been applied to practical problems in plant breeding. For example, inviable embryos in vivo, resulting from unsuccessful crosses, can be grown in vitro in a nutrient medium. This topic has been frequently discussed (see Raghavan 1977; Norstog 1979). Young embryos of cereals can be cultured in vitro to obtain regenerative cultured tissues from which many roots and shoots can be initiated. Regenerative cultures have been obtained by utilizing immature embryos in maize (Green and Phillips 1975), oats (Cummings et al. 1976), sorghum (Gamborg et al. 1977; Thomas et al. 1977), barley (Dale and Deambrogio 1979), triticale (Sharma et al. 1980), and wheat (Shimada 1978; Gosch-Wackerle et al. 1979).