Mass Production of Large-Area Integrated Thin-Film Silicon Solar-Cell Module

  • Yoshihisa Tawada
  • H. Yamagishi
  • K. Yamamoto
Part of the Springer Series in Photonics book series (PHOTONICS, volume 13)


A mass-production technology of a-Si single junction modules with stable 8% efficiency had been developed in the Shiga factory of the Kaneka Corporation. In 1999, Kaneka instituted Kaneka Solartech Corporation (KST) as a subsidiary company and invested in a 20-MW production plant in Toyooka City. There are fully automatic thin-film fabrication equipment and laser scribers equipped with conveyors and the robots installed. The main size of glass substrates used for these modules is 910 × 910 × 5 mm, and the recent production yields constantly exceed 95%.


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  • Yoshihisa Tawada
  • H. Yamagishi
  • K. Yamamoto

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