Craniocervical Junction



The craniocervical junction, as its denomination suggests, regroups characteristics belonging to both the spinal and the cranial architecture. As seen in Chap. 2, the upper cervical metamers are constituted by the first, second, and third segments (Fig. 2.3; Table 3.1). The contribution of the branchial arches, which correspond to the cephalic equivalents of the spinal neural crest, will add to the complexity of the vascular scheme. The aortic arches, which supply these branchial arches, bridge the ventral and dorsal aortas. Analysis of their development and remnants provides the clues to the external carotid variations.


Vertebral Artery Middle Meningeal Artery Craniocervical Junction Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery Occipital Artery 
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