Atomistic Simulation of Si3N4 CVD from Dichlorosilane and NH3

  • A. A. Bagatur’yants
  • A. K. Minushev
  • K. P. Novoselov
  • A. A. Safonov
  • S. Ya. Umanskii
  • A. S. Vladimirov
  • A. Korkin
Part of the Springer Series in MATERIALS SCIENCE book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 72)


We describe an integrated approach to the atomistic simulation of CVD processes, using as an example the case of silicon nitride Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) from a gas-phase mixture of SiH2Cl2 and NH3. The mechanisms and kinetics of gas-phase reactions and the mechanism of Si3N4 film growth were studied theoretically based on ab initio calculations of potential energy surfaces and surface structures. The transition state (TST) and Rice—Ramsperger—Kassel—Marcus (RRKM) theories were used for calculations of the corresponding rate constants. A kinetic reaction scheme and the corresponding chemical mechanism were proposed that predicted the gas-phase composition in a wide temperature—pressure range. A detailed mechanism was also proposed for surface processes of film growth. Finally, a kinetic Monte Carlo scheme was applied to the CVD growth of Si3N4 films from dichlorosilane and ammonia. The results of the simulations agree well with the available experimental data. We conclude that the Monte Carlo approach is very promising for the predictive simulation of CVD film growth processes, including prediction of the structural properties of the resulting film.


Partition Function Chemical Vapor Deposition Silicon Nitride Film Growth Atomistic Simulation 
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  • A. A. Bagatur’yants
  • A. K. Minushev
  • K. P. Novoselov
  • A. A. Safonov
  • S. Ya. Umanskii
  • A. S. Vladimirov
  • A. Korkin

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