Modeling of Electromigration in Interconnects

  • V. Petrescu
  • W. Schoenmaker
Part of the Springer Series in MATERIALS SCIENCE book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 72)


Electromigration plays an important role in formulating design rules for onchip interconnects. The down-scaling of technologies leads to very high current densities, such that the induced stresses become comparable to the critical stresses that break iron bars. The physical processes that ultimately lead to electromigration failure consist of a series of mechanisms and the fate of an interconnect structure depends on a number of parameters. We review the electromigration phenomenon from a physical perspective, and define a CAD model for electromigration that is intermediate between a microscopic model and a fully phenomenological model of electromigration. Whereas the microscopic modeling is concerned with the molecular dynamics of the electron wind and lattice defects, the fully phenomenological model collects statistical failure information in a few compact formules. The CAD model is based on a hydrodynamical description of the motion of matter (migration) due to the electron wind forces, and is formulated in terms of local variables, that are large on a microscopic scale but local on a macroscopic scale.


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  • W. Schoenmaker

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