Are Quantum Mechanics and Relativity Theory Consistent?

  • E. Wigner
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If is a great pleasure to be invited to this celebration which turns out to be also a very interesting meeting devoted largely to the principal interest of the celebrated person, of Henry Margenau. I also have a deep interest in the basic problems of physics — this is, in fact, usual for physicists of our age. We realise that the existence of science is a miracle — very new miracle if we compare its age with that of mankind which is, we believe, not far from a million years. Physics, at least our days’ physics, is less than 400 years old if we consider its start with Galileo, Kepler, and, principally, Newton. But it has developed in the past 400 years unbelievably fast, its area extended miraculously, and in fact it changed man’s life almost fundamentally. This is a miracle and we do not really understand why it started just about 400 years ago. I will not go into this question further because I discussed it in some detail a rather short time ago.


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