IRON—Binary Phase Diagrams

pp 118-120

Fe—Re Iron—Rhenium

  • Ortrud Kubaschewski von GoldbeckAffiliated withMetallurgie der Kernbrennstoffe und Theoretische Hüttenkunde, RWTH Aachen

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A tentative phase diagram for the region 0–40at.% Re is presented in Fig. 69. It is based on results obtained by Eggers [1] who carried out thermal analysis and microscopical investigations supported by X-ray analysis in the Fe – Fe3Re2 composition range. He established the existence of a tetragonal compound Fe3Re2 with the parameters a = 0.904 nm and c = 0.472 nm confirmed by Kopetski et al. [2] who quote slightly smaller parameters. According to Hansen and Anderko [A] this diagram does not represent true equilibrium conditions, but only the phase relationships.