Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

pp 475-623

Biological Effects of EMFs

  • Kui Nie
  • , Ana Micic-Vasovic
  • , Ann S. Henderson
  • , Martin Blank
  • , Reba Goodman
  • , Handan Tuncel
  • , Dimitris J. Panagopoulos
  • , Lukas H. Margaritis
  • , Th. D. Xenos
    • , I. N. Magras
    • , Mehmet Ali Körpinar
    • , Mustafa Tunaya Kalkan

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People have always considered the exposure to non-ionising radiation with scepticism. The prospect that exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) can have a deleterious effect or any effect on cellular behaviour has been debated in scientific and journalistic circles for some years. The drive to determine whether EMFs were involved in cellular behavioural changes is critical since environmental proximity to high voltage power lines and electric stations or the routine use of household appliances and cellular phones is increasing exponentially. Support for a deleterious effect gained impetus with the report that children whose homes were close to power lines had a higher frequency of leukemia. If cell signalling is influenced by EMF exposure, it provides further impetus to determine whether EMF exposure can cause or alter the propensity to cancer or have other deleterious effects in cells. Numerous laboratory studies both in vitro and in vivo have provided evidence that exposure to EMF induces a wide range of responses in biological systems.