• Hannu Karttunen
  • Pekka Kröger
  • Heikki Oja
  • Markku Poutanen
  • Karl Johan Donner


After the demise of the Aristotelian world picture, it took hundreds of years of astronomical observations and physical theories to reach a level at which a satisfactory modern scientific picture of the physical universe could be formed. The decisive steps in the development were the clarification of the nature of the galaxies in the 1920’s and the general theory of relativity developed by Einstein in the 1910’s. Research in cosmology tries to answer questions such as: How large and how old is the Universe? How is matter distributed? How were the elements formed? What will be the future of the Universe? The central tenet of modern cosmology is the model of the expanding universe. On the basis of this model, it has been possible to approach these questions.


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