Ray Radio Tomography

  • Viacheslav E. Kunitsyn
  • Evgeny D. Tereshchenko
Part of the Physics of Earth and Space Environments book series (EARTH)


The problems of ray radio tomography of large-scale structures are usually formulated as follows: to recover the structure of some ionospheric region from linear integrals measured along a series of rays intersecting this region. Since the sizes of large-scale irregularities, both natural (such as, e.g., the ionospheric trough) and artificial (spacecraft traces, technological emissions), are of the order of dozens to thousands of kilometers, diffraction effects can be neglected in VLF/UHF probing.


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  • Viacheslav E. Kunitsyn
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  • Evgeny D. Tereshchenko
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  2. 2.Polar Geophysical InstituteMurmanskRussian Federation

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