Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy

  • Wolfgang Demtröder
Part of the Advanced Texts in Physics book series (ADTP)


The investigation of fast processes, such as radiative or collision-induced decays of excited levels, isomerization of excited molecules, or the relaxation of an optically pumped system toward thermal equilibrium, opens the way to study in detail the dynamic properties of excited atoms and molecules. A thorough knowledge of dynamical processes is of fundamental importance for many branches of physics, chemistry, or biology. Examples are predissociation rates of excited molecules, femtosecond chemistry, or the understanding of the visual process and its different steps from the photoexcitation of rhodopsin molecules in the retina cells to the arrival of electrical nerve pulses in the brain.


Pump Pulse Optical Pulse Probe Pulse Saturable Absorber Femtosecond Pulse 
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