BLaC Wavelets and Non-Nested Wavelets

  • Georges-Pierre Bonneau
Part of the Mathematics and Visualization book series (MATHVISUAL)


Two multiresolution analyses (MRA) intended to be used in scientific visualization, and that are both based on a non-nested set of approximating spaces, are presented. The notion of approximated refinement is introduced to deal with non-nested spaces. The first MRA scheme, referred to as BLaC (Blending of Linear and Constant) wavelets is based on a one parameter family of wavelet bases that yields a blend between Haar and linear wavelet bases. The approximated refinement is applied in the last part to build a second MRA scheme for data defined on an arbitrary planar triangular mesh.


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  • Georges-Pierre Bonneau
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  1. 1.Research Lab. GRAVIR-IMAGGrenoble I UniversityFrance

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