• K. Kubitzki
Part of the The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants book series (FAMILIES GENERA, volume 3)


Juicy unbranched herbs of monopodial growth with scale leaves on rootstock; plants almost glabrous or with sparse uniseriate hairs. Leaves fleshy, but papyraceous when dry, dispersed, long-petiolate and sheathing at the base; blade ovate, with 6–8 pairs of arching basal and suprabasal veins connected by numerous transversal veinlets; margin entire. Inflorescences axillary, simple or compound racemes; flowers and bracts dotted with raphides; prophylls absent. Flowers functionally wholly or partly unisexual, pedicelled, 5-merous; tepals in 1 whorl, free or partly united, imbricate, outside papillose, persisting in fruit; stamens 5, in 1 whorl, ± sessile; filaments apparently absent and completely united into a conspicuous fleshy ring; connectives together with the top of the hypanthium and ovary grown into a complicated, swollen, disclike structure, leaving 5 pouches, in each of which 2 thecae of adjacent anthers are situated; anthers consisting of 2 short, broadly ovate thecae, each opening by a longitudinal lateral slit; ovary inferior, unilocular; ovules numerous, on 3 inward projecting parietal placentae; style short, inconspicuous; stigma broad, flattish, entire or 3- or 4-lobed. Fruit berrylike, sharply longitudinally 10-ridged. Seeds many, with a collarlike undulate arillode covering about one third of the seed; exostesta (sarcotesta) transparent; both testa and tegmen 2-layered; endosperm copious, embryo small.


Pollen Morphology Stomatal Complex Stigmatic Lobe Fossil Pollen Record Piperidine Alkaloid 
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