The Standard Galerkin Method

  • Vidar Thomée
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In this introductory chapter we shall study the standard Galerkin finite element method for the approximate solution of the model initial-boundary value problem for the heat equation,
$$\eqalign{ & u_t - \Delta u = f{\text{ }}in\:{\text{ }}\Omega ,\:{\text{ }}for\:t > 0, \cr & u = 0\:on\:\partial \Omega ,\:for\:t > 0,\:with\:u(\cdot,0) = v\:in\:\Omega \cr} $$
where is a domain in R d with smooth boundary ∂Ω, and where u = u(x, t), u t denotes ∂u/∂t, and \( \Delta = \sum\nolimits_{j = 1}^d {\partial ^2 /\partial x_j^2 } \) the Laplacian.


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