Treatment Verification Using Digital Imaging

  • Shlomo Shalev
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Treatment verification plays a vital role in the management of patients receiving radiation treatment. As part of the overall quality assurance program, it is designed to detect a variety of mistakes, errors, and inaccuracies that can occur during a protracted course of fractionated therapy. Mistakes are due to human misjudgments or performance failures, and may have serious implications if not detected and corrected promptly. Treatment errors arise when calculations or procedures are less accurate than expected and can occur in all the stages of the planning and treatment process. They can be divided into two main categories: those associated with the prescription, computation, and specification of target doses and dose distributions, and those that occur during the delivery phase and involve the treatment machine or the patient. Portal verification, in which a transmission image of the patient is acquired just prior to or during teletherapy, is used to verify that such errors are within acceptable limits.


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