The Role of Imaging in Tumor Localization and Portal Design

  • George T. Y. Chen
  • Charles A. Pelizzari
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


The development of three-dimensional (3D) medical imaging modalities has profoundly affected the diagnosis and treatment of Cancer. The ability to visualize the location, character, and extent of lesions has facilitated the development of more precisely directed therapies, most clearly radiotherapy (Henkelman 1990; Lichter et al. 1988; Rosenman 1991) but also chemotherapy and surgery (Engel et al. 1990; Kelly 1986). Patients typically undergo multiple 2D and 3D imaging studies for diagnosis, therapy planning, and follow-up. Extensive quantitative use of these images to define tumor location in relation to normal anatomy has been made in planning radiation therapy for a number of years (Goitein et al. 1983; Mcshan et al. 1979). The goals of a higher tumor control probability and reduced treatment-related morbidity are postulated to be feasible with precision irradiation techniques (Suit and DuBois 1991), which are heavily image based.


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