Simultaneous Flow Cytometric Detection of Bromodeoxyuridine Incorporation and Cell Surface Marker Expression

  • W. Müller
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Bromodesoxyuridine (BrdU) is an analog to thymidine. It can be incorporated with high efficiency into DNA during DNA synthesis by the cell-replacing thymidine residues. A large panel of monoclonal antibodies to BrdU were develop which are able to bind to DNA molecules containing BrdU [1–3]. For the detection of BrdU-labeled DNA by antibodies only a small number of BrdU molecules are needed. This grade of substitution can be reached at BrdU concentrations which are nontoxic for cells. By adding BrdU to the drinking water it is even possible to deliver BrdU constantly to mice over long period (several months) [5,6]. By combining cell surface staining with anti BrdU-antibody staining it is possible to analyze life spans of cell populations in mice [4–7]. In cell cultures it can be used to determine the percentage of cells proliferating at a given time. In combination with DNA stains it furnishes additional resolution to cell cycle analysis.


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