Degeneracy Loci and Grassmannians

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Let σ: EF be a homomorphism of vector bundles of ranks e and f on a variety X, and let k ≦ min (e, f). The degeneracy locus
$$D_{k}\left ( \sigma \right)=\left \{ x\in X|\,\mathrm{rank}\left ( \sigma \left ( x \right) \right)\leqq k\right \}$$
has codimension at most (ek) (fk) in X, if it is not empty. We construct a class
$$\mathbb{D} _{k}\left ( \sigma \right)\in A_{m}\left ( D_{k} \left ( \sigma \right)\right)$$
, m = dim (X) − (ek) (fk), whose image in A m (X) is given by the Thom-Porteous formula:
$$\mathbb{D} _{k}=\Delta _{f-k}^{\left ( e-k \right)}\left ( c\left ( F-E \right) \right)\cap [X]$$


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