In Vivo Determination of Kinetic Parameters for Glucose Influx and Efflux by Means of 3-O-11C-Methyl-D-Glucose, 18F-3-Deoxy-3-Fluoro-D-Glucose and Dynamic Positron Emission Tomography; Theory, Method and Normal Values

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Imbalance between perfusion, transport and metabolism may determine the ultimate damage in ischemic brain disease (Mies et a1. 1981, Pulsinelli et al. 1981). Therefore, for the quantitative assessment of ischemic brain disorders the. knowledge of at least two parameters is necessary. One is local perfusion. The second parameter should relate to tissue metabolism, for example, to the glucose utilisation rate (Sokoloff et al. 1977, Phelps et al. 1979, Kuhl et a1.1980) or to the local unidirectional glucose transport rate (Vyska et al. 1980, Vyska et al. 1981, Vyska et al. 1982, Vyska et al. 1983, Kloster et al. 1981).


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